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Preach! And I mean that in the communal sense of authenticity of human spirit. Institutions fail us (sometimes/all the time) because institutions are human constructions, and humans are flawed. But we keep at it, keep trying, keep remaking, and hopefully our institutions shift some as we do as well. And it is ok to step away and find the spaces where we can be our authentic selves. We get called to things--and then we get called to different things--because this is the work of the divine--it nudges us where it needs us, and it allows us the space and time to step away--The divine will call us away (if we pay attention) because the creator looks out for us too--at least that's what I think.

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Thank you for this comment my friend. You are so right. <3 May our institutions shift and may we continue to find our place within and outside of them, wherever the spirit calls.

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